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Benefits of Rubber Mats & Grass Mats

Mesh4’s rubber matting is an environmentally friendly non slip, impact absorbing surface manufactured from high density recycled rubber. It has a vast range of applications Parks and Garden Areas Playgrounds Stables Sports Areas Schools Swimming Pools Ideal for parks and playgrounds as it is critical fall height certified, tested by RAPRA in accordance with BS […]

Millennium Sterling Fence

Another Tenax fencing produced in Italy, suitable for both garden and professional applications. Produced from 100% polypropylene, light and easy to handle and has a 10 year guarantee! This strong fencing is an alternative to wire, galvanised chain link and welded mesh fencing in appearance and strength making it a brilliant replica metal fence. Its […]

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

All zoo’s and wildlife parks strive to produce scenery to imitate the animals natural environments and to make them aesthetically pleasing, the general colours used are earthy and natural such as browns and greens. Our local zoo, Chester Zoo has used our plastic turf reinforcement mesh as a fence surrounding some animal enclosures making it […]

Screed Reinforcement

At Mesh4 we supply screed reinforcement called KAP for the construction industry, designed to support plaster, render and mortar. These fibreglass nets have a rectangular mesh structure and are coated with starch to avoid the attack of alkali, they offer excellent dimensional stability and are tear resistant. Being light and versatile they prevent surface cracking […]

Benefits of Insulation Support Netting

Insulation netting is used to support insulation materials between floor rafters, in vertical wall insulation or essentially between any framework and joists and is easy to install by stapling or tacking to rafters or vertical struts. Insulation support netting has a range of benefits. Supports deep insulation depths The insulation support net we supply supports a […]