Paper & Nonwoven Products

A smart and recyclable solution, to reinforce nonwoven products and reinforced paper through lamination production techniques.

TENAX extruded bi-oriented nets have many applications as reinforcement in the production of industrial fabrics, laminated composites, plastic, paper and for the structural support of polyurethane seats for cars, trains and planes. Unlike woven structures, extruded bioriented nets have the clear advantage of being ladder-proof and maintain high dimensional stability throughout the production process.

The molecular orientation process enables certain products to achieve uniform mechanical characteristics. We can manufacture net products larger than 4 metres in width, so that the performance of the finished product is not restricted.

Features & Applications

  • Dimensional stability and consistency
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Flexible, Light weight and Tear resistant
  • Recyclable and incinerable material
  • Industrial fabrics,
  • Laminated composites,
  • Plastic, paper
  • Structural support of polyurethane seats for cars, trains and planes


HPP – Homopolymer polypropylene

A Light material, resistant to chemical substances (as salts, acids and strong alkalis) and with a high mechanical strength. It is used for bi-oriented (stretched) products. Suitable for direct food contact.

Specific weight: 0.9-0.915 g/cm3 (56.19-57.12 lb/ft3)

Melting temperature: 162-168°C (323.6-334.4°F)

Tensile strength: 34-37 MPa

Young’s modulus: 1200-2000 Pa

Yield elongation: 5-10%

Break elongation: 500-700%

Working temperature: +0°C – +90°C (32°F – 194°F)

Max working temperature (short period): +100°C (212°F)