Insect & Soffit Mesh


Mesh 4 High Quality Aluminium insect mesh. The product is highly durable and flexible and can be shaped to the application. The product is available in 1Metre & 1.2Metre widths.


Tropical Mesh

Mesh 4 Fibreglass insect mesh which is available in 3 colours – Grey, Green & White. Typical applications for this mesh are for screening on doors and windows. It is also used behind cladding systems to act as a flyscreen.


Features & Applications

  • UV stabilsed materials
  • Different colours
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Available in different width sizes
  • The Insect and Soffit meshes can protect louvre systems, vents, roofs, doors and windows against:
  •             Insects, flies, wasps, bees and mosquitos


Insect Mesh

This black insect mesh is manufactured from HDPE which is UV stabilised. The mesh size is 2MM x 2MM, and is therefore suitable to protect against flies and insects.


The mesh is produced as a 1.2Metre x 50Metre reel, it is rot proof and has a good open area to allow air flow. It is suitable for applications such as door and window screening, air filtration, louvres, soffits, conservatory vents.