Turf Growing Net

Radix is a turf netting which allows the rooting system of various turf grasses to intertwine with the mesh apertures to form a uniform mat, creating excellent sod strength. Radix gets its name from the Latin word for “root” – and for a good reason, this product is specially designed to help vegetation establish an effective root base. Using Radix allows for the turf grass to be harvested thinner and lighter in weight, yet the sods are just as robust. This can result in lower handling and transportation costs. Waste is also cut by significantly reducing the number of broken or damaged sods.


Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from Polypropylene (PP)
  • Mesh size – 35MM x 20MM
  • Enables more frequent harvesting and higher yields
  • Increases the root strength and density of the turf
  • Oxy-Biodegradable version also available
  • Other width sizes available
  • Turf cultivation net used to produce turf