GrassTrack Pedestrian Walkway

GrassTrack® is a heavy duty mesh with a non-woven geotextile bonded to it. It has a dual purpose of providing a temporary pathway for either pedestrian access or roadways. MESH4 GrassTrack® is simple to install, just lay directly onto grass with the mesh side up to accommodate vehicular traffic i.e. cars and vans. Alternatively, lay with the geotextile side uppermost to accommodate pedestrian traffic. Ideal for all outdoor events such as shows and concerts, marquee flooring and temporary pedestrian use over muddy areas. GrassTrack® can be easily stored and re-used time and time again.


Features & Applications

  • Heavy duty plastic mesh with geotextile; Heavy duty reinforcement mesh with geotextile
  • Bonded to the mesh
  • Up to 8 tonnes weight bearing limit
  • Easy to install (no special skills required)
  • Temporary or permanent access for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Suitable for outdoor events over muddy areas; event walkway grass protection mesh
  • Internal marquee use
  • Concert events
  • Marquee flooring