Ground Cover – Landscape Fabric (Woven Geotextile)

MESH4 ground cover is manufactured from UV stabilised black woven polypropylene. Tough and tear resistant, it effectively controls annual and perennial weeds. It is ideal for use under patios, block paving and gravel paths.


Features & Applications

  • UV stabilised
  • Multifunctional
  • High tensile and puncture resistant
  • Variety of sizes to suit both building site and domestic applications
  • Allows air and water to permeate
  • Prevents aggregates from migrating into the subsoil base
  • Weed suppression membrane for domestic and commercial projects
  • Ground stabilisation and some drainage applications
  • Weed barrier under Artificial Grass
  • Covers temporary muddy areas and outdoor staged events
  • Under decking projects to prevent weed growth
  • Under Paved Patios
  • Nursery Poly Tunnel Applications