Grass/Turf Protection Mesh (GP Flex)

GP Flex is a ground/grass protection mesh, which provides the perfect grass matting protection for carparks and other areas. 

The GP Flex products are all SUDs compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and ISO 9001 quality assured products. The GP Flex is designed to protect and strengthen grassed areas that will then be suitable for applications such as overflow carparks, caravan parking, grassed access roads, cycle paths and event parking. The best quality grass reinforcement mesh on the market.  

Features & Applications

  • Unique anti-slip surface
  • Up to 8 tonnes weight bearing limit
  • Oscillated mesh provides increased tensile strength
  • SUDS-compliant
  • Easy to Install (No special skills required)
  • Chemically inert
  • Rot resistant
  • Prevent excess worn grass
  • Carparks
  • Light aircraft taxiways
  • Caravan parks
  • Cycle paths, grass access roads
  • Wheelchair access routes
  • Temporary emergency vehicle access routes
  • Suitable for livestock field applications
  • Protection for garden paths
  • Overflow grass parking
  • Mesh for parking on lawn
For best results the GP-Flex® and TR-Flex™ should be laid down in early spring through to late summer when the grass will grow quickly through the mesh and the root mass will form an interlock with the mesh filaments. The protected area will soon resume its natural appearance providing a stable surface and protecting the area from damage and rutting by vehicles and pedestrians.



Cut the grass to a minimal length and ensure that the area is as level as possible by filling in any hollows with fine topsoil and sharp sand. If the mesh is being laid over clay soil, it is recommended that a suitable drainage system be installed to allow for the drainage of surface water. Unroll the mesh (ensuring that the brown slip resistant surface is facing up) over the area to be protected and secure both ends with metal fixing pins and down each side at least every 1m. Where a wide area is to be protected, butt the edges of the roll together and secure by placing metal fixing pins down each length and across each layer. Also pin down any area where the mesh is not in contact with the ground. Cover the mesh with a layer of topsoil and sharp sand, this will encourage early root growth around the mesh filaments and increase stability. Apply a suitable grass seed dressing at approximately 30g/m2 over areas which were previously bare of grass or which received more than 25mm covering of topsoil and sand. Vehicles and pedestrians should be kept off the area until the grass has grown at least 25mm and has been mown twice with the blades set high. Following which the area can be rolled and treated with proprietary chemicals as required.  



Although we have produced the most slip resistant grass protection mesh available, we can not account for all the variances in climatic and ground conditions. Please take note that until the grass has grown through the mesh and become established, GP-Flex® and TR-Flex™ may be slippery in wet weather or under icy conditions and care should be taken if pedestrians are allowed to walk on the mesh during the growing period. For further assistance or advice on installing GP-Flex® and TR-Flex™, contact MESH4 on 01978 807345.

  The GP Flex mesh has an oscillated pattern, and is unique due to the slip resistant surface. This safety feature has been tested to BS 7976-2 and when tested alongside other grass protection meshes, the GP Flex has shown an improvement of over 33% by comparison. The mesh is quick & easy to install and there are no special skills required.

It is a great lawn protector mesh

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