Pleating Supports

Single and dual-flat extruded nets

Single or dual flat extruded nettings with rhomboidal mesh used as support and pleating of media filters. The use of the net as a spacer among the pleats of a filter media, helps to keep the shape and prevents contact by maintaining the space and avoiding a reduction of the filter performance.


Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from Polypropylene or PA6 (Nylon)
  • ISO9001 Standards
  • Ultrasonic welding capability
  • Cost effective for sheet metal replacement
  • Air cabin filters
  • Liquid filtration
  • Oil filtration (PA6 – nylon)


New Material for Flat Nets

The Tenax range of products also include materials made of advanced polymers, with the capability to satisfy high mechanical and thermal requirements. The PA6 (Nylon) spacers can be placed in contact with oils and corrosive substances. The flat nets are available up to a width of 1000mm using this material.