Mesh 4 supply a variety of windbreaks suitable for all needs, from our 1m windbreaks with a tensile strength of 5KN/m to our Super Strength windbreak with a tensile strength of 30KN/m. Our windbreaks are manufactured from UV protected HDPE and are easy to install.

1m Windbreak – Green & Black

  • Come in 1m x 50m rolls – also available in smaller length rolls
  • Weight 360gm/m2
  • Small 12mm x 5mm holes
  • Tensile Strength 5KN/m

Designed to reduce wind speed without creating turbulence, these windbreaks provide cost effective protection where no natural shelter exists. Ideal for plant and crop protection.

1m Windbreak

High Strength Windbreak – Green

  • 1.5m x 30m rolls
  • Weight 450gm/m2
  • 25mm x 10mm oval mesh size
  • Tensile strength 13KN/m

Ideal for more exposed areas, this windbreak has been designed with higher tensile strength properties making it more robust to withstand stronger winds. A coastal solution to prevent sand accumulation.

High Strength Windbreak

Super Strength Windbreak – Green

  • 1m x 30m roll size
  • Weight 700g/m2
  • 40mm x 25mm oval mesh size
  • Tensile strength 30KN/m

This windbreak is one of the strongest available on the market and will provide protection against gale force winds. It has excellent tensile strength and rigidity. Ideal for building strong fences for sheep and cattle enclosures and a side air vent solution for animal polytunnel housing.

Super Strength Windbreak

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