Ground Protection Mesh

Ground protection meshes are an ideal way to protect grassed areas and ensure that they don’t become swamps over the spring months. Additionally when it’s dry, grassland easily becomes baron, especially at honeypot sites like venues, temporary carparks at festivals et al. SUDs-compliant meshes negate the need for all types of long, unnecessary planning processes […]

Plastic Mesh & Netting

We offer an impressive range of plastic mesh and netting solutions. Whether you need shading mesh, windbreaks, render mesh or anything in between, you’re in the right place. Our plastic meshes and netting solutions are available in a variety of dimensions, hole sizes and weights, which are perfect for their specific application. From galvanised welded […]

Ground reinforcement mesh: the 8 main benefits

Ground reinforcement product

Mass transit over grassed areas is an issue as it is unsafe, unsightly and bad for the environment. Plastic ground reinforcement meshes are designed to put an end to this problem, and give your grass the protection it deserves. To further this, we present the 8 main benefits of grass/ground protection meshes: They have a […]

Ground reinforcement products

Ground reinforcement products are vital for protecting the ground against the various stresses and strains the modern world presents. Whether you’re a farmer looking to protect grass from heavy machinery damage, a festival looking to set up a temporary carpark or just need pavers suitable for a range of applications, Mesh4 can help. Our range […]